Reclaim Your Inner Child

A weekend of fun, laughter & profound deepening of relationship with your younger self.

A weekend workshop with a difference.  A workshop with a therapeutic basis grounded gently in practical, spiritual holding.  Come along and be part of a community of supportive like-minded people. Witness and be witnessed.  In a safe and empathic environment dive deeply […]

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Scattering Dreams

Scattering Dreams
*This is a piece of writing that describes a walking ‘journey’ I did in Glastonbury to spread kernels of corn imbued with the wishes & dreams of a group I was a part of for 2 years.

I started off from Benedict Street, quite far down.  As I walked up the road and carried on […]

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Death; the final taboo?

For many years death has been a subject which has been difficult to talk about; certainly growing up in the 70s and 80s I was left with the strong impression that death was something so full of sorrow and heartbreak that I was not to speak about it, in fact silence was encouraged.

One glance at […]

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