Shamanic healing is undergoing a revival.  It is a modern way of applying ancient healing techniques and can be traced back 50,000+ years.  In older times the Shaman lived outside his or her village and served the needs of the community by acting as a bridge between this world and the other worlds.  S/he did this by journeying to meet guides and spirits in the other worlds.  By following their directions, healing & guidance was brought back to the person requesting help.

When I work with someone, I journey to connect with helping spirits who tweak the energy on a spiritual level which in turn effects the physical world, making change & healing possible.  Simply put I work in partnership with these spirits who bring lost parts of yourself back or remove energies which no longer serve you.

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My Journey

After 6 years of training in different modalities of energy healing, I began training in core shamanic techniques in 2002.  The most intensive part of this took place from 2002-2010 & included 4 year-long courses and a 7 day vision quest ceremony, as well as many other shorter workshops with western and native teachers.

During this time I mainly worked on my own self-healing, eventually also facilitating healing for other individuals and that of the wider world.   I continue to learn and grow in this area and add to my experience with different learnings and teachings when I feel called to do so.

Definition of Shaman Vs Shamanic Practitioner

I am a Shamanic Practitioner which differs from being a Shaman in the following ways; Shamans are usually natively trained people who are called by the spirits to work with them, commonly at a young age, often through a near-death experience or life-threatening illness.  If they answer the call they undergo rigorous and extremely challenging training over many years, passed down to them by one or more elder Shamans.  I honour the path of those who are genuine Shamans with integrity and admiration for their self-sacrifice and service to humanity.

A Shamanic Practitioner is someone who uses shamanic techniques, in my case with the ‘journey’ at its centre, and was most likely born and grew up in a western country as I was.  My training has frequently been challenging in its own way but was very different from a Shaman’s.  I make this distinction here as it seems that there is a lot of confusion in this area.  Both ways of working with people have value and personally my intention is to serve the light & love of Spirit.

Healing Sessions

If you would like to have a session to focus on something which is impacting you at this time, or if you are just curious and would like to experience a healing session or want more information, I invite enquiries.

Whatever your reasons for contacting me, I work with you and am guided by you at all stages of our working relationship.  I meet you where you are with sensitivity and care; integral to that process is a respect and acceptance of your soul’s journey.

All sessions are confidential & I adhere to an ethical framework in all work I undertake.  All healing sessions come with a free 30 minute follow-up, either by phone or online.  I also offer online sessions via Zoom / distant healing sessions.

Session length: 1.5 hours

Price: £70-£100.  I charge on a sliding scale; you decide what you want to pay.