Spiritual Counselling is exactly like counselling, in that you can expect to find a safe place to discuss whatever is concerning you and have space and time to explore those concerns.  In this process you will be met with empathy and respect.

How Spiritual Counselling differs is that it comes from the premise that there is an infinite non-physical part of us that connects us to everyone & everything; also sometimes called the super conscious or universal energy.  It holds wisdom and practical solutions we can use to help ourselves.  There is no dogma or religion attached to it, merely an understanding and gentle allowing of this aspect of life to be integrated into the counselling process.

Shamanitc Counselling
Shamanic counselling somerset

If you have some awareness of Spirit and would like your understandings in this area to be incorporated in the counselling process, or indeed if you would like to explore this area as part of our work together, then this may be the sort of counselling which would be helpful for you.

All of this work is fully grounded in counselling theory & there is no imposition of belief on my part.  In addition, if appropriate for you, shamanic techniques could also be used to better aid your process.  You may find it useful to read the counselling page in addition to this one, as how I work is more fully explained there.

After you get in touch, we make an appointment for a first session where we can meet each other and more fully discuss your concerns.  If we then decide to work further together, I ask that you commit to a minimum of 5 more sessions so that we have the opportunity to explore the issues that you are bringing.

I adhere to an ethical framework in all work that I do and respect, safety & confidentiality for my clients is of great importance to me.


Per one hour session: £40-£55 (sliding scale – you decide what to pay)

For more information or to book, please contact me on:

esther@seeinginthedark.co.uk / 07572 848925