I have benefited so much from our sessions.  It’s amazing that issues in the past that I did not even clearly remember have been identified and resolved, freeing me to move on in relationships and in my spiritual progress.  You have been an amazing guide & coach in this process.  Thank you so much!”

Julia W

This work has helped me to confront my issues with my life…I am now stronger emotionally.

John L

Although initially sceptical of how this process could help me, I have been bowled over by how much lighter I feel & the solutions which have presented themselves.

Kate S

I feel I owe Esther a debt of gratitude as we talked about the death of my wife as well as many other things.  Although I will never ‘get over’ her death, I have come to terms with the circumstances & can now carry on.

Kevin P

Esther has supported me both with counselling & shamanic healing...she has an innate talent in holding a space where you feel safe to open up...she is kind, trustworthy strong & gentle...I heard myself voicing feelings which have haunted me all my adult life - I had never said them to anyone before.

Esther helped me to challenge negative patterns, rewrite them or completely let them go & equipped me with my own toolkit to help myself.  I am forever grateful to her for that.


Lucy S

I had a Shamanic Healing with Esther; my experience was life transforming on so many levels that I find it difficult to put into words - other that I feel more whole & integrated.  My life has changed dramatically since our session.  Esther lives her work on every level & this comes through; she is highly intuitive with a deep level of empathy and compassion.

If you are ready to transform your life, Esther is who you want to work with.  I trust her completely.

Victoria K